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PATEC is a company designing and manufacturing spraying insulation, blowing insulation and insufflation insulation machines. We are designing, manufacturing the parts, assembling, putting the machines to operation, as well as ensuring the after-sales service within our facilites located in the Paris region. Our strong listening and flexibility skills enables to shine in the French and international markets.

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Innovation & performance

In responding to companies' needs in an ever-changing market, we have assessed and taken into account our customers' expectation in order to be able to now outperform them. We offer ergonomic, lighter, more maneuverable, and with higher throughput insulation machines, aiming to ensure the various insulation processes while guaranteeing an optimal result.

Security & responsivness

Our made in France products are thoroughly studied to fully satisfy the insulation market needs. We maintain an inventory of projection, blowing and insufflation insulation machines, with a 2 years guarantee which comply to all the applicable standards in order to ensure the security of your team on site. For last minute orders, we are able to ship your order without delay in France or internationally.

Transparency & customer satisfaction

At Patec, your satisfaction is our priority. From providing advice on the most adapted equipement for your site, to the support in operating your machines, in addition to the after-sales service, you are never alone, listening professionals are also available daily to answer all your questions. Our team intends to satisfy and strengthen the confidence of its customers by ensuring the reliability of our industrial products.