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All our machines have obtained the PROVIGIS label
Provigis Label

The Patec expertise

Remote assistance

With the sole aim of satisfying your needs, PATEC has quickly setup remote diagnostics and corrective or precautionary inspections. Since the Patec team evolutes with its time, our after-sales service uses every connected device: Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype.
We are continuing to listen and assist you in order to maximize the efficiency of your equipement on your blowing, spraying (flocking) and insufflation (injection) insulation projects.

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Customized colours

In addition to our regular colours, we offer a colour customization service to fill your needs. Include your logo and adapt your equipment paint to your company brand.
Implementation without surcharge.
You can still contact us by phone at +33 (0) 1 85 08 47 28 to respond to your needs and ensure you are fully satisfied.


Innovating company

The purpose of the PATEC team is to design reliable, efficient, ecologic and affordable equipment. Today, our company is known for its vibrance, its innovations and its ability to adapt to new markets. The Patec gauge is the reference compound of the newest version of the French Unified Technical Documents NF DTU 27.1, as well as our NOVAII machine which has been chosen as the best price machine of the insulation market. PATEC keeps its key values of compliance, respect and commitment.



French and international leader in various lines of business. Referenced as supplier/manufacturer in a national control center. Framework contract dedicated to the national army.
Equipment supplier in the industrial sector, mechanical and pneumatical handling of bulk products. Framework contract for machines manufacturing in the pasty insulation products domain.
Exclusive distributor of engines. Patented components and systems.


Patec insulation machines

PATEC specializes in the manufacturing of blowing insulation machines, wet spraying insulation machines (flocking) and insufflation insulation machines (injection). As of today, the PATEC company designs the most efficient equipement for various methods of insulation : thermal spraying and fireproofing (flocking), blowing and insufflation (injection) for cavity wall insulation.

Blowing insulation

The PATEC blowing machines are optimized for the insulation blowing process Loose-fill insulation is carded then sprayed in a uniform manner in the top storey. Blowing insulation is a process used for loft insulation. This process consists in spreading the loose insulation material on the lofts floor. This reduced-size and efficient equipement ensures a speedier perfomance. This PATEC carding machine or blowing machine specifically designed for this process, provides very high blowing flow rates no matter the insulation product used.

Wet thermal insulation or flocking

The NOVA 2 PATEC machines unquestionably meets the wet thermal spraying insulation process, also known as flocking. The slag or mineral wool based product, which can be applied through wet spraying is designed for thermal insulation and passive fire protection. The NOVA 2 wet spraying (flocking) insulation machine is complementary and essential to the thermal and acoustic qualities of the products. The PATEC machines guarantee of the density and granulometry of the insulation products during thei implementation.

Insufflation or injection insulation

This process consists in injecting the insulation product between two walls by digging a hole in order to insert the insulation material. This process requires the highest standard in technical performance. Our PATEC injection machine was specifically adapted to impressive insulation flow rates. Thanks to the technical qualities of our NOVA 2 machine, we are able to insert numerous insulation products in flakes within wall cavities, as rock wool, glass wool, cellulose wadding, cork... Most insulation machines can only apply very few insulation products.