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Drop out boxes

Flanged or smooth tube drop out boxes designed for industrial applications.

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Description of product "Drop out boxes"

The design and manufacturing of the projection, blowing and injection machines require an advanced knowledge in the dilute phase pneumatic transport domain.
This expertise is PATEC's essentials basis in our machines conception. All our associates have been working in the industry since more than 20 years.

We are glad to announce that PATEC now manufactures flanged and smooth-tube drop out boxes, in welded mechanical or 304L stainless steel structure, specifically designed for your industrial process.
They are available with an adapter with a flange to connect the discharge of the rotary valve to a pneumatic or with an adapter to connect the discharge of the vacuum conveying line.

Customised components dedicated to the powder, loose-fill and granulated industrial products market.
This drop out box is a connecting piece to enhance and optimize the blending of the product with the air transfer. Possible input diameters from 150 to 350mm.

Tube lisse - fiche technique
Tube à brides - fiche technique