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Flexible liner

  • Blowing, thermal projection and insufflation insulation jacket
  • Polyurethane material
  • Shockproof hard PVC spiral
  • Temperature requirement: -30°C / +80°C
  • Several diameters available

€160.00 ex VAT
Variant Price
⌀50 €160.00 ex VAT
⌀60 €190.00 ex VAT
⌀80 €240.00 ex VAT
⌀100 €290.00 ex VAT

Description of product "Flexible liner"

Transparent pipe made of soft polyurethane, strengthened with a hard shockproof PVC spiral. Vacuums and backflows pulverulent and industrial products. It is ideal for low density products inflows/outflows. Designed for complex applications, those liners help transporting and vacuuming abrasive particles, chips, filings, fibrous/pulverulent products, and aggregates. Very smooth inside, they offer a good flexibility and abrasion resistance. PATEC France SAS, designs a large panel for construction site jobs, from an inner diameter of 50mm to 100mm. Other diameters are also available on demand.

Sales of diameters 70mm to 100mm are only made on demand.

Technical information
Inner Ø available (mm) 50,60,70,80,100
Length 20m
Fiche technique