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Thickness gauge for insulation wool

  • Resilient and high quality PVC section
  • Ideal for projection insulation jobs
  • For construction site conditions
  • With a metal rod and a PVC cup for reliable surface and linear control

€58.00 ex VAT

Description of product "Thickness gauge for insulation wool"

The PATEC thickness gauge is an essential tool to control depth of mineral wool and fire protection jobs.
This PVC gauge provides a reliable depth control. In the most precise way, this lightweight telescopic gauge provides a high resilience for insulation construction sites conditions.

In order to realise all your depth measurements, we offer the necessary professionnal equipment. To meet a high finished quality standard, Patec offers a gauge specifically designed for projection insulation appliers.

The regulation imposes a precise depth for thermal flocking and fire protection jobs. French manufacturer, PATEC successfully designed this gauge following an increasing demand from the mineral wool and projection insulation professionnals. This tool provides a quick and precise suface and linear control thanks to multiple depth measure points. With it, you will ensure a uniform depth for you projected wool up to 260mm.

Quantity Price
20 55€ ex. VAT
50 48€ ex. VAT
Technical information
Max. depth measurement 260 mm
Engraved anti-UV index oui
Length 1500 mm
Weight 800 grammes
PVC cup diameter 115 mm
Fiche technique