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Nova 2

Blowing, projection and insufflation insulation machine. Provides a high output and a good application quality.

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Description of product "Nova 2"

  • Versatile and multi-product
  • Simple and resilient technical properties
  • High output and application quality
  • Compact and highly manoeuvrable design

The projection, blowing and injection insulation machine NOVAII by PATEC is ideal for insulation dedicated professionals. Compatible with cellulose wadding, mineral wool, slag wool, the NOVA II machine has been specifically designed for thermal and fireproof insulation jobs. Its very high output enables projecting, under normal building site conditions, more than 250m² of insulating product per day, with a 100mm depth. It is equipped with electronic speed control which allows adapting the product projection output. Its carding quality provides a flawless application regularity for thermal insulation and fire protection. Specifically designed for professionnals, the NOVA II machines is a reliable and efficient product for you insulation sites.

  • Loft insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire protection

The NOVA II machine by PATEC will bring you the necessary quality of delivery for surface insulation.

Technical information
Dimensions (cm) L=112 W=47 H=132
Weight 130 kg
Power supply 2 suction engines
Air flow 150 to 400 m3/h
Air pressure 100 to 300 millibar
Supply engine 4 kW - 230V - mono 16 A
Projection output (kg/h) jusqu'à 660 par variateur électronique
Insufflation output (kg/h) jusqu'à 350 par variateur électronique
Cellulose blowing output 570 kg/h
Stone wool blowing output 350 kg/h
Glass wool blowing output 250 kg/h
Max. pipe length 60 m
Pipe diameter 60 mm
Max. drop 20 m
Fiche technique